First blog post

Just started!!

It’s not great to start something new, right? Hmm, I don’t think so.Sometimes it takes a lot of courage and motivation.So,why are we reluctant to start?Is it inertia?Or have we taken the Newton’s first law of motion very seriously and waiting for some external force?May be not.Perhaps,we are just over thinking of consequences or may be we are planning too much to have a good start or we are just waiting for the right time.So,the answer is tacit.We just want everything to be right and expected and we are very much afraid of making mistakes and something going wrong.Let me tell you one thing if we want to do something new or something great we don’t need to learn how things should go right but we need to learn every possible way of going wrong.Only then we can learn from the mistakes and avoid them.Only a fool would like to do mistakes but it’s not that it’s just about accepting our mistakes and moving on.Guys!! What are we?we are just humans ,making mistakes is our birth right.All it takes is forgiving yourself and loving yourself.

So,thank u guys I just wrote this post based on my reasons for reluctance.It feels awesome not because I had a great start,it’s just because I started.


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